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PIE is a complete HR system that only needs a browser.

Nothing complicated. No fuss. Just open any browser and enjoy user-friendly, high-performance HR software that lets you make big company impact from anywhere.

PIE automates most of your basic HR processes, so you can focus on the areas of HR that really matter to your company. And with a ton of exclusive extras designed to help you make a noticeable, positive difference, you will quickly see huge company-wide benefits from your new way of working.

IOS and Android HR ecosystem
Unified HR essentials that enable efficiency and save time.
Software as a service , no upfront cost , no AMC , pay as you go.
HR on the go.
Runs on both iOs and android, creates a digital HR ecosystem.
'We want to become the most - recommended HR software company in Nepal.'
- Bimal KC, Master Key


What is PIE?

- PIE is a full service HR software . It helps you manage your employees, pay easily in minutes automatically calculating attendance, leave and tax.

Do I need internet connection to run PIE ?

Yes. Since PIE is a cloud based HR solution, you need a broadband internet connection to run this but no IT department or experts are needed.

Do I need IT department to use this software?

Nope. Since all security and maintenance of the software are handled by PIE, you neither need IT department nor IT personnel. Just browse and run.

How does PIE keep my data secure?

When it comes to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our client's information, we don't take shortcuts. We store your data securely using Amazon Web Service, one of the world's most trusted cloud computing platforms. All data is stored and handled in compliance with laws.

Can I use my own server for data storage?

No. It's not allowed but banking sectors can talk to our sales.

Is your software Pen-Tested ?

Yes. In fact , its our regular job. We automate this process manually not by the software.

What support is available for customers?

Our customers benefit from free support, provided by our friendly team of experts. Our support team is available via email, telephone and live chat.

How do I get started?

It is a matter of minutes. Simply go the pricing page and order the product suitable for your business.

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