Born in Kathmandu.

About us.

We grow businesses by creating digital HR experiences organizations love.

Today, people embrace HR software with the user experiences that best meet their needs. PIE transforms companies HR by providing these best-in-class digital experiences, driven by proven HR essentials and rooted in the technology, data, and organizational strategy required for operational excellence. We have combined these capabilities into a single solution, creating unified HR experiences that create meaningful relationships between managers and employees. This user-centric approach has made us the fastest-growing HR software company in Nepal.

How we do it.

The unified digital HR experience.

Our interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with the HR experts and its stakeholders, sketching and planning to solve all HR related requirements considering policies,laws and government compliance. Our user-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across all digital, physical and communications touchpoints. This unified product experience results in a much more consistent, impactful, and valuable relationship with the user.

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