Everything you need to know about us

We are coders, we are designers and we are planner

Ahh! Its been 6 years since we started PIE


PIE was started in 2011 unofficially. We started planning and finding the way to execute our plans. We hired some IT professionals and started brainstorming on the project. Initially we had planned to develop financial software to manage financial activities of business. So, we started working on this.


After a year work on this financial project, we came to realize that there's another high demand of software in the sector of human resource. We found employers were having difficulties managing their people, most importantly their pay calculating leave and attendance. Considering these facts based on research, we decided to develop HR and payroll software and named as PIE Payroll. We also hired additional coders and designers during this period.


In 2013, we shifted our office to a new commercial complex in order to boost up the developing process and also hired some research professionals. We started adding features in this HR project. In the beginning we were working on limited features. Financial software was also started in this year. In the end of the year, we launched our portal www.pie-suite.com offering major products like academic institution management software,HR software and financial software without legal registration to analyse the sales and customer response towards our products.


Almost all products before final testing were done this year. We started installing software in some of the reputed companies to check its efficiency. From this testing, we were more focused to improve the efficiency related with academic, HR and financial products. We changed our plan to categorize the products to be more powerful and industry specific. So, we started our new ERP for manufacturing houses following financial software, academic ERP for academic institutions and full HR to manage people in organisation.


After in depth research and analysis, we decided to penetrate the market with specific module that has great impact in any business organisation and as a result we launched payroll based a new PIE, though we offer academic ERP, Manufacturing ERP and full HR software. In the end of this year, we developed all above mentioned products ready to hit the market. A new website replaced the earlier PIE with www.piepayroll.com as per our vision and mission.


We started selling our industry specific full service online payroll solution with different marketing strategies. Not only online payroll solution, there were a huge demand of ERP and full HR software. We also started addressing their demand as per the solution we have. People found our payroll solution more easy to efficient to manage their employee payroll with statutory directives. Demand increased unexpectedly due to its direct deposit ,easy tax calculation and employee self service features saving time and increasing productivity. And , yes we are working hard to make our customer satisfied.