Cloud Based Payroll Software

Cloud Based HRIS Systems - Distinctive Features

How your company manages HR can be highly idiosyncratic, but there are few crucial capabilities and features you should look for in any solution to make sure your business can grow and change along with your organisation’s needs. Cloud based HRIS systems are a welcome step up that many businesses, especially small ones still rely on to store and analyse employee data. This cloud based payroll software offered by PIE possesses all the vital features which will leave you surefooted pertaining to your business.


Choosing HR software that's best for your small, midsize, or large business largely depends on your size, needs, and budget. Consider your budget, location, and what HR software you’re already using so you don’t pay for duplicate services. The cloud based HR and payroll software offered by PIE allows you to stay on top of important things such as projects, time off and personal management. These cloud based services sweetens the pot by offering a lot of extras along with basic functions at starting prices. The HR software benefits administration, which is critical for most HR operations that vary from simply managing employee enrolment all the way to offering specific benefit plans to clients to scheduling, which are often dedicated tools though the capability can show up as part of larger cloud based HR software or those that focus on businesses where this capability is important. PIE’s HR and payroll software offers learning authoring, which can let your company build its own training materials to be offered internally or on a publicly accessible learning centre. Applicant tracking, which includes the ability to manage job postings, applications, and recruitments. This cloud based HR software also features performance management, which might be the ability to simply keep a record of employee goals or it can track goals down to the task level and tie success directly and automatically to compensation and payroll.