HR Services in Nepal

At PIEHCM we specialize in the development of software that encompasses a gamut of HR services in Nepal with a host of important objectives in mind. These objectives are in keeping with the wellbeing of both employees and employers in mind.

Our ultimate goal is to help firms and businesses emulate highly successful work environments that have helped industries in the leading nations of the world reach the zeniths of commercial success. When needed, our software can be customized to encompass specialized HR services in Nepal, to ensure that it fits with the Nepalese culture and works better for the Nepalese industry. As such, our software does not blindly replicate Western HR software functions, but simply adopts what works in the Nepalese work environment.

We concede that this is not an easy task to tailor software to carry out HR management functions in keeping with the uniqueness of the Nepalese workforce. However, our extensive knowledge in this department helps. Our knowledge allows us to identify both positives and negatives in the Nepalese work culture and bearing these positives and negatives in mind, we are able to customize specialized HR management software that has borne fruit in Nepalese firms across the country.

Course Correction Measures

To ensure productivity in Nepalese firms and organizations, our software takes a course correction approach in terms of HR services in Nepal and HR management practices. Some of these course correction measures are as detailed below, with corresponding information on how these measures can change the human face of an organization or firm.

Dedicated Human Resources Management – No more combination of HR and administrative branches of a firm or an organization, wherein HR practices are limited to payroll and record keeping. PIEHCM ensures that any Nepalese firm or organization can enjoy the benefit of dedicated HR software, executing industry standard HR management practices, which in turn leads to increased productivity among employees.

Recruitment According to Industry Standards – Furthermore, we are dedicated to using our expertise in Human Resources Management to ensure that the employee talent pool of any Nepalese firm or organization is a case study in the best and the brightest of employees, that perfectly fits into an organization in keeping with the human resource needs of said organization. Our expertise allows developing software that can aid in the recruitment process to fill minor and major organizational vacancies.

In conclusion, and in keeping with the nature of your firm or organization, we are well able to customize the software to handle HR services in Nepal and HR management functions to elevate productivity among your workforce. Reach out to our HR software experts today to know how we can meet you at the point of your need.