HR Software To Streamline Payrolls

PIE is a full service online HR solution for businesses. The purpose of PIE HR software is to manage employees' data, organise payroll, calculate attendance, leave and tax for each employee and sum up their final pay. PIE is an employee-pay manager.

For businesses big and small

Independent of the size of the business, PIE provides payroll solutions for all companies. All it takes is a minimum of five people in a business to use PIE software effectively. PIE provides HR software for startups and HR software management for all types of businesses.

Individually configured / multiple templates

PIE is a HR and payroll management software that comes with coding specific to different types of industries. Healthcare, hotels, retails, manufacturing, trading, banking are some of the industries PIE software is pre-configured for. But with the multiple customisation options, it can be modified to suit any business provided it meets the minimum requirements.

Do more with internet

Access the full power of cloud to get the best HR management. PIE is a cloud based HRIS system and payroll software and needs internet connection to work. With the help of cloud, the data is available across multiple devices with minimum effort. All back up is done real time and the data is constantly up to date.

No contracts, hassles

PIE believes in hassle free working. The companies need not sign any contract to use PIE, and the service can be stopped as per wish. There are multiple options to choose from. PIE also believes in data security and ensures that your privacy and security are top priorities.

PIE is a one-stop solution and HRIS system for all businesses.

About The Company

PIE is a software company registered in Nepal. The company deals in full service online hr solution for business. PIE's mission is to bridge a gap between employer and employee with its offered tools. By making the most complicated HR tasks simple and easy, PIE is redefining human capital management for modern companies. PIE serves its services worldwide and has offices in Kathmandu and New Delhi.