HR Solutions Nepal

At PIEHCM, we are dedicated to taking HR practices in Nepal into the 21st Century, a monumental task that is a priority for the Nepali industry. Unfortunately, till as early as 2000, many Nepali organizations and firms did not invest in or prioritize a dedicated HR department, which is understandable, as there wasn’t a framework to go by that accounted for the uniqueness of the Nepali work culture, Nepal’s labor policies, national laws, and regulations.

However, change has been rampant and PIE HCM is leading at the forefront of change in terms of reinventing and in some cases creating an HR culture in keeping with various industry verticals in the country. Our area of specialization is HR Software and our HR software development expertise serves to benefit all industry verticals in Nepal, with an emphasis on increasing employee productivity, bettering recruitment practices, and ensuring employee retention. Furthermore, our HR software is gradually changing the face of HR in Nepal, in a host of positive ways.

Restructuring Organizational Priorities

Industry in Nepal developed with an apparent emphasis on capital investment. For a long time, money mattered most, up until the advent of technology. Post, the technological revolution, the Nepali industry quickly adopted various technologies to suit various industry verticals. Unfortunately, there has been a history of oversight in terms of management of HR in Nepal.

However, at PIE HCM we provide the impetus to reevaluate and restructure organizational priorities wherein your capital investment in technology includes HR software that benefits your organization by elevating employee productivity, bettering recruitment practices, streamlining payroll management and record keeping, and adhering to ethical HR management practices in keeping with Nepal’s labor laws and regulations.

If capital investment and technology have long been priorities for the Nepali industry; we are not here to upset the apple cart. Instead, our HR management software fits right into your organizational aims and ambitions by providing an avenue to make a significant and beneficial investment in HR software technology that only serves to meet your organizational objectives, while ensuring that you have an effective HR management framework set in place.

Benefits on All Fronts

For our clients, our HR management software results in an HR management framework set in place, which leads to benefits and advantages on all fronts for an organization or a firm. These benefits include...