HRIS Systems Software


For businesses with lean resources and multiple locations, PIE’s small business HR software is a HRIS software for small business. We have a dedicated HR team to help manage and generate HR software which includes form applicant tracking, scheduling, timekeeping, payroll, benefits and HR tasks. The HRIS software for small business offered is an easy paperless, online HR platform. Do not let your “user-unfriendly” HRIS interface saddle you with the burden of unnecessary paper records. This small business HR software is friction-free HR software, that is, paper free and easily accessible.


We’ve designed our payroll system to work as you think, seamlessly integrating HR and payroll data – one record for each employee and one database with all your data. Ideal for start-ups. It offers a portfolio of HRIS systems and payroll solutions from the industry’s leading vendors. Our goal is to implement your solution right the first time, so you’ll maximize your investment and continue to be a satisfied customer for life. Whatever you challenge PIE offers HR, payroll and benefits solutions to meet a variety of business needs.


Managing payroll, benefits, unemployment claims and other administrative tasks can be time consuming. Worse yet, they distract you from higher-level responsibilities like hiring and performance. Finding the right person for the job is tough enough, but what about managing all the steps and paperwork involved in recruitment? That’s not a piece of cake either! All of your needs are fulfilled by our HRIS software for small business. Managing labour wisely is tough. Understaffing leads to sub-standard customer service and declining sales. But overstaffing trims your margins. Stop guessing and start making better informed decisions. By choosing this software you will fulfil all your HR needs that are best suited to your business.