Making management easier - from the cloud

Whatever be the size of an organisation, there needs to be a uniform structure that manages the employee database and the payroll based on each employee's designation and experience. There are many factors that decide the payroll, and it is incredibly hard to keep track of them manually. This is where a cloud based payroll management software helps.

Versatility & Configurability

A payroll management system can be most effective and still need certain company specific utilities that need to be given along with the base. While the features and elements are common for all payroll systems, and generic designs work for various fields including Banking, Healthcare, Hotels, Trading, Manufacturing etc., the systems should also give a special space for each individual company to add or remove their features as necessary.

All-inclusive features

The features of a payroll management system should be in such a way that it manages everything completely. There should be no need to consult another individual system to compute some part. An all-inclusive payroll system is the most efficient because it eliminates the need for additional computing or referring.

These features should include calculating the days of attendance, over time clocked, tax reports, benefits that are to be included, shifts and special meetings attended, and other additional details for each individual employee.

Ease of access

The best of systems are available for everyone. A payroll system must integrate with the company's main system and allow employees to log in so the work time can be clocked. Performance reviews would also include details about individual overtime shifts done, making a payroll system (that calculated this feature) essential in other departments of the company too.

Cloud based payroll software makes data integration and access easier than if the system were based on an individual network. Any HR and Payroll management system has to come with analytics software, and with more data and increased usage, provide accurate analysis. HR and payroll software for startups make the job easier for even lesser number of employees.

Simplifying the payroll process

Payroll calculation always has many factors that should be taken into consideration, including attendance, shifts worked, responsibilities taken, and time-offs applied to each individual employee. HR software management is about taking in all these factors before generating the payslip of the employee.

Human Resource Information under one name

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is the combination of the human resources and information technology departments, bringing them under one software for ease of use. The HR activities take the data from the employees and the calculation, analytics and other relevant HR processes are taken care of electronically. HRIS Systems for small businesses should take care of employee management for each specific industry type.

Commitment free software

A payroll management software should not be an additional strain for the company. The software must require minimal work from the employee / company and have banking and insurance included with minimum commitment. Most software now use the 'pay as you use' technology at affordable pricing.

About The Company

PIE is a software company registered in Nepal. The company deals in full service online hr solution for business. PIE's mission is to bridge a gap between employer and employee with its offered tools. By making the most complicated HR tasks simple and easy, PIE is redefining human capital management for modern companies. PIE serves its services worldwide and has offices in Kathmandu and New Delhi.