Some FAQs about Attendance Software

If you are thinking of switching over to attendance software in Nepal to automate the attendance tracking of your employees, then you may have some starting questions. But you probably are not the first one to pose them. Many before you have wondered upon the same questions when they first considered using one such software for their businesses. So, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about these software and their answers.

Are These for Small Businesses?

The answer is absolutely yes. These software were designed to help businesses automate small functions like tracking employee attendance, payrolls and other HR duties. Knowing that small companies are the firsts to try them, they are purposed to serve small and big user-bases with matching efficiency. So, starting from companies with a capacity of 5 people to countless can use an HR software in Nepal.

What Do I Need to Use One Such Software?

The first thing you need is to sign up with a provider, which can be done online. So, to answer the question, you obviously need an Internet connection to get started. You will need a device connected to the Internet every time you want to access the software. Because these apps are cloud-based, they operate strictly through the Internet.

Does It Have Employee Self-Service?

An attendance device in Nepal has employee self-service feature. Through this function, every one of your employees can sign in and record their own attendance without the supervision of another. The admin system will have access to the collective data stored in the backend.

Is My Data Secure?

Cloud is a very secure network and your data is safer with these apps than it is in your system.

Do I Need to Run It by an In-House Employee?

You don’t have to do it because the software are pretty accurate.

About The Company

PIE is a software company registered in Nepal. The company deals in full service online hr solution for business. PIE's mission is to bridge a gap between employer and employee with its offered tools. By making the most complicated HR tasks simple and easy, PIE is redefining human capital management for modern companies. PIE serves its services worldwide and has offices in Kathmandu and New Delhi.