Why Are Businesses All over Nepal Are Using Attendance Software

Recording the entry and exit times of employees is a standard procedure in most companies. Lately, businesses have gone electronic and that has been advantageous in two ways, accuracy and ease. Not long after the businesses have grown accustomed to the idea of electronic and biometric punch systems, the manufacturers introduced a smarter and upgraded version called attendance software. Now unlike the electronic systems, these attendance software in Nepal cover an array of tasks previously performed manually. When tested whether a company is better off not using an attendance software and using one, the odds largely favored the latter. So, today, we will take a look at what those odds are.

Improved Accuracy

The first thing that makes an attendance device in Nepal such a catch for modern businesses is the much improved accuracy. The system accurately records all sign in and sign out, and the misses thereof. So, not only does it document the work hours of an employee, it also records the days they have been on leave without having to make manual entries. Early, late and misses are all recorded accurately in the database.

More Grounds Covered

For its price, an HR software in Nepal tackles a bunch of tasks that were previously performed by operator. From finding payroll frauds to steal time, all kinds of unscrupulous activities are detected by this software. So good luck to anybody trying to game the system. Some software even use retinal scans and biometric systems to verify the identity of its users.


Last but not the least, the greatest advantage that an attendance software brings with it is data generation. So if no other reason weighs heavy enough, this one sure does. It presents to you a huge reserve of data that when filtered and analyzed, can produce gold for your business decisions.

About The Company

PIE is a software company registered in Nepal. The company deals in full service online hr solution for business. PIE's mission is to bridge a gap between employer and employee with its offered tools. By making the most complicated HR tasks simple and easy, PIE is redefining human capital management for modern companies. PIE serves its services worldwide and has offices in Kathmandu and New Delhi.